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CJ Submission Guidelines and Information

Cinema Journal is published by University of Texas Press, and is always interested in exciting new work in the field of cinema and media studies. To submit a manuscript for consideration please read the following guidelines, and complete the form below:


Submission Guidelines

  • To be considered for review, manuscripts should be at least 10,000 words long and no longer than 12,000 words. Word count includes endnotes.
  • Manuscripts must include an abstract of approximately 100 words, and approximately six key words or terms (such as African Cinema, audience, Adorno) that will help us to ensure they are reviewed by an expert in the appropriate area.
  • Submissions should follow the format specified by the Chicago Manual of Style (16th Edition). All bibliographic information should be in endnotes, and submissions should not include an additional bibliography. View the Cinema Journal Style Guide for more specific guidelines.
  • After a prescreening, submissions are anonymously refereed, and referee comments are returned to authors. It generally takes three months to arrive at a decision to reject a submission and six months to arrive at a decision to accept. Due to the high volume of submissions, we ask referees to evaluate whether an essay is an accept (i.e., with minimal revisions necessary) or reject (i.e., major revisions are necessary). We do not have a revise and resubmit policy at this time.
  • Frame enlargements or other illustrative materials must be supplied by authors who are responsible for obtaining permission to publish them in cases where Fair Use does not apply. Digital frame grabs should have a minimum resolution of 250-300 dpi.
  • Cinema Journal ONLY accepts electronic submissions. If for some reason you cannot submit electronically, please contact the editor directly. All file attachments should be in the form of MS Word document and can't exceed 30MB.  If your submission is larger than 30MB, it will need to be compressed accordingly.  Otherwise the file will not load.  For best results we recommend using Firefox or Internet Explorer when uploading.  

    NOTE:  Cinema Journal does NOT accept manuscripts in PDF format.

Please fill out the form below to send in your submission. (Note: Our web server can only handle uploads smaller than 30MB.)

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