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Travel Grants

Recognizing the financial burden that conferences place on graduate students as well as un- and under-employed members, the SCMS Board of Directors has voted to offer travel grants and registration fee waivers to encourage such individuals to participate in the this year's conference in Atlanta. All un- and under-employed members and students currently enrolled in a graduate program who will be presenting at this year's conference are encouraged to apply.

In addition to the usual number of travel grants awarded, we hope to award several additional grants made available via volunteer contributions from SCMS members to the Travel Grant Fund. These grants will be available to graduate students as well as un- or under-employed SCMS members.

All travel grants are awarded by lottery.



Student Travel Grants

Twelve travel grants of $600 each will be awarded to graduate students who meet all of the eligibility requirements outlined below.

Eligibility Requirements:

Students must meet ALL of the following criteria in order to be considered eligible to receive a travel grant or registration fee waiver

  • If you received a travel grant for last year's conference and had your travel expenses reimbursed by SCMS, you are NOT eligible for a travel grant this year.

  • If you received a conference registration fee waiver for last year's conference you are NOT eligible for a registration waiver this year.

  • You must be enrolled in a graduate program at the time you apply for a travel grant and at the time of the conference.

  • You must be a full member of SCMS (not a temporary member) in order to apply for the waivers or grants.

  • You must be presenting a paper, chairing a panel or workshop, or participating in a workshop at this year's conference in order to apply.

  • You must be traveling at least 200 miles to attend this year's conference.

All applicants for the general student travel grants who do not receive a student travel grant will automatically be entered in a lottery to receive a registration fee waiver.


Grants and Waivers to Promote Diversity

In addition to the travel grants that are open to all students, SCMS will provide supplemental funds to encourage students from under-represented groups to attend the conference.

Two travel grants of $600 and one registration fee waiver will be awarded by lottery in each of the following categories represented by an SCMS Caucus: African/African American, Latino/a, Asian/Pacific American, Middle Eastern, and Queer. In addition, four grants and one registration fee waiver will be assigned by lottery to the remaining applicants for diversity grants, with the stipulation that Native American/Indigenous applicants have first priority for one of these grants.

Applicants for these grants and waivers must meet all of the eligibility requirements outlined above EXCEPT the requirement to travel over 200 miles to attend the conference. Additionally, students applying for diversity grants must be members of the under-represented groups represented by Caucuses or Native American/Indigenous peoples.

All applicants for the diversity grants who are traveling less than 200 miles, or who do not receive travel grants because the number of applicants exceeds the number of grants available, will be entered into the lottery for registration waivers.

All applicants for the diversity awards who do not receive either a travel grant or a registration waiver will automatically be entered in the lottery for the general Student Travel Grants.

Un- Or Under-Employed Travel Grants

Un- or under-employed SCMS members may also apply for travel grants, however you must make less than $35,000/yr. Members must also meet all of the eligibility requirements for student travel grants outlined above EXCEPT for having student status.  


NOTE:  You must be a full paid 2016-2017 (not a temporary) member of SCMS and your paper must have been accepted for the conference in order to apply for a waiver or travel grant. 

To be considered for any of the grants outlined above, please login to the SCMS website and complete the online application form after conference acceptances are sent out and by Wednesday, December 14, 2016 by 5pm CT.  


If you receive a conference registration waiver, you must still register and pay the conference registration fee before the  deadline or your name, affiliation, and title of paper will not appear in the final printed conference program.

All travel grant checks and conference registration refund checks will be available for pick-up at the registration desk when you pick-up your name badge and conference program.

Travel grant and registration waiver winners and non-winners will be notified by the SCMS Secretary,
 Victoria Johnson in order to meet the conference registration deadline.  

If you would like to volunteer at the registration desk in Chicago, please click here for more information.  

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