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Caucus on Class Sponsored Sessions at SCMS 2013

Posted By Tamao Nakahara, Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Caucus on Class at SCMS 2013

Join us!

-       Wed 6:00 – 7:45 pm: Caucus on Class annual meeting (The Club International, Lobby Level)

-       Fri 7:00 – 8:30 pm: Free first drinks! (Martini Bar at the Millenium Knickerbockers across the street)


Caucus on Class sponsored sessions:

B13: American War Cinema Since Vietnam: Politics, Ideology, and Class

Chair: Patricia Keeton (Ramapo Coll)

Peter Scheckner (Ramapo Coll), "Resurrecting the ‘Good War’: Escaping the Shoals of Class in Contemporary War Films through Historical Representation"

Patricia Keeton (Ramapo Coll), "Ideological Negotiation in the Combat Film Genre"

Christina Smith (Cal State U, Channel Islands), "Representations of Class from a ‘GruntsEye View’ in Soldier-filmed Iraq War Documentaries"

Susan Ryan (Coll NJ), "Documentary Film and the ‘Media Spectacle’ of the Iraq War"


G20: Working Girls: Gender, Labor, and the Making of Media Culture

Chair: Hannah Hamad (King’s Coll)

Jonathan Cohn (UCLA), "Female Labor and Digital Media: Pattie Maes, Post-feminism, and the Birth of Social Networking Technologies"

Julie Wilson (Allegheny Coll), "Pinning Happiness: Affect, Social Media, and Women’s Work"

Hannah Hamad (King’s Coll), "Musical Moments of Women’s Work and Affective Labor on Contemporary British Television"

Bambi Haggins (Arizona St), "Academic in Wonderland: An Outsider's Insider View of Writing, Television, and Comedy"


H8: Envisioning Palestine: Spatialization, Temporality, and the Post‐Colonial

Chair: Terri Ginsberg (International Council For Middle East Studies)

Colleen Jankovic (U Pittsburgh), "Housing Cinema, Inhabiting Palestine: Logistics of Perception in Occupied Palestine”

Linda Mokdad (U Iowa),"Contested Cartographies: Mapping the Palestinian‐Israeli Conflict on Film”

Terri Ginsberg (International Council For Middle East Studies), "The Temporalization of Cinematic Labor in ‘Occupied Palestine’”


I23: Workshop: Success and Survival in the 21st Century: Career Strategies for Under- or Unrepresented Graduate Students and Early Career Faculty in Film and Media Studies

Chair: Theresa L. Geller (Grinnell), Co-Chair: Jeffrey Masko (Penn State)

Workshop Participants:

Bambi Haggins (Arizona St), Sarah Projansky (U Utah), Julie Russo (Brown), Maria San Filippo (Wellesley Coll/Harvard Coll), Rebecca Gordon (Fulbright Fellow, Nicaragua)


J11: Industrious Cinema

Chair: Sara Sullivan (U Iowa)

Jeremy Mathers (York U), "‘Hidden Power’: Atomic Energy Documentaries at the National Film Board of Canada”

Paul Monticone (U Texas) "Of Limited Use?: The Role of Motion Pictures in the National Electric Light Association’s Campaign Against Public Ownership”

Luci Marzola (USC), "The Birth of the Dream Factory: Industrializing Discourse in Early Hollywood”

Sara Sullivan (U Iowa), "‘Introducing Carbon Steel!’: Corporate Fantasies of Steel Production in Animated Educational Films”


K1: Traces of the (Im)migrant Body: Performing Class, Race, and Gender

Chair: Tamao Nakahara (Independent Scholar) /

Respondent: Catherine Benamou (UCI)

Amy Ongiri (UF), "Mambomania!: Perez Prado and the Visual Borders of Blackness"

Tamao Nakahara (Ind Scholar), "Sweat and the Single Girl: Working Girl Performances in Ugly Betty and Spork"

Eliza Rodriguez y Gibson (Loyola Marymount), "Fashioning Citizenships: Latin@ Camp, Cultural Politics, and Television"


K19: Media Activism and Social Movements

Chair: Chris Robe (Florida Atlantic)

Chuck Kleinhans (JUMP CUT), "The Dialectics of Labor Media Activism: Everyday People and Monopoly Capitalism"

Steven Doles (Syracuse), "Film Criticism in the Struggle against the Ku Klux Klan: The Burning Cross (1947) and the Black Press"

Chris Robe (Florida Atlantic), and Todd Wolfson (Rutgers): "Rewiring the Apparatus: Psychoanalytic Film Theory, Media Activism, and Working-Class Subjectivities"

Steve Macek (North Central Coll), "The Politics of Film Censorship in Interwar Chicago"


Q13 After the Battle: (Mis)Representations of War and Uprising

Chair: Jonna Eagle (U Hawaii)

Sarah Hamblin (Loyola U) "Photographing Political Failure: Chris Marker’s Overnight”

Jeffrey Masko (Penn State) 
"So You Say You Want a Revolution?: Counter‐Revolutionary Messaging in Cinematic Media Coverage of the Occupy Movement”

Vasiliki Strataki (National and Kapodistrian U Athens), "Greek Youth in Revolt: Athens in the Aftermath of December 2008 as Represented in the Films Wasted Youth (2010) and Kolopaida (2010)”

Jonna Eagle (U Hawaii), "Occupying Pearl Harbor: Media, Affect, and Embodiment at the Valor in the Pacific National Monument”


Other Sessions on Class:

A1: Mediating Financial Capital and Immaterial Labor

Chair: Janice Peck (U Colorado) - J.D. Connor (Yale), "High Concept the Chicago Way: Dan Rostenkowski, Ferris Bueller, Elliot Ness" / Andrew Lison (Brown), "Countercultural Dreams, Technological Nightmares: The President’s Analyst, 1968, and the Future" / Katie Bird (U Pittsburgh), "Making Visible the Invisible Labor in Craft Discourse: The Body at Work in Steadicam." / Janice Peck (U Colorado), "Schooling the Public Mind: Advocacy Documentary, Billionaire Philanthropy, and the Ideological Struggle for the Future of US Public Education"


C13: Class Formations and the Cinema

Chair: Carleton Gholz (Northeastern) - Suvadip Sinha (U Toronto), "Comical Control: Citizenship, Biopolitics, and Class in 1970s’ Hindi Romantic Dramas" / Sara Bernstein (UCD), "Where Have All 'The Little Shop Girls' Gone? Globalization, Undercover Bosses, and the Disappearance of an American Genre in the 'New' Service Economy" / Calvin Hui (Duke), "Learning to Love Again"

Carleton Gholz (Northeastern), "Theorizing the Filmic Assembly Line: Left Criticism in the Reception of Blue Collar"


F4: The Commons, Cosmopolitanism, and Contemporary Visual Cultures

Chair: Aniruddha Maitra (Brown) / Co-Chair: Avery Slater (Cornell) /

Respondent: Paige Sarlin (U Buffalo, SUNY) - Aniruddha Maitra (Brown), "Cosmopolitics and Gender in the Commons" / Avery Slater (Cornell), "Apocalyptic Commons" / Michelle Cho (Brown), "Kpop, Youtube and 'Pop Cosmopolitanism' in the Digital Age"


H5: The Unretiring Overachiever: Steven Soderbergh's Final Films

Chair: R. Colin Tait (UT) / Respondent: Thomas Schatz (UT) - Aaron Baker (Arizona St), "Contagion, Fractal Narrative and Global Cinema" / Andrew deWaard (UCLA), "The Art of the Pitch, The Craft of the Sell: Steven Soderbergh’s Economic Auteurism" / Mark Gallagher (U Nottingham), "Soderbergh’s New Body Cinema: Magic Mike and Haywire" / R. Colin Tait (UT), "The Performance of Labor and Downward Mobility in Steven Soderbergh’s Post-Recession Films: 2009-2012"


J3: Media Franchising: Shared Brands, Licensed Labor, and Industrial Identities

Chair:  Morgan  Blue  (U Texas) - Derek  Johnson  (U Wisconsin), "Legitimating Media Work: Creativity, Disavowal, and Identity in Franchise Formations" / Catherine Johnson (U Nottingham), "The Invisible Labour of Promotion" / Taylor Nygaard  (USC), "Girls Just Wants to be Quality: HBO, Lena Dunham, and Girls’ Contested Production Identities" / Avi Santo  (Old  Dominion U), "Hangin’ out in Mickey’s Joint: The Cultural Geography of  Licensing


J7:  Communism, Hollywood, and the 1930s

Chair: Catherine Jurca  (Cal Inst Tech) - Steven Ross (USC), "Reds and Nazis in 1930s  Hollywood" / Thomas Doherty (Brandeis U), "Professor Mamlock (1938) Comes to America" / Anna Siomopoulos (Bentley U), "'I Should Hate to See Our Country Endangered by My Underwear': The Politics of Gender in Ninotchka (1939) and Comrade X (1940)" / Chuck Maland (U Tennessee), "The Great Dictator (1940): Popular Front Satire or  Premature Anti-Fascism?"


K3: Royalties and Residuals Worth Fighting For

Chair: Ellen Seiter (USC) - Catherine Fisk (UC), "Union Labor as Authors and Owners: The Writers' Guild's Creation of Residuals and Separated Rights, 1935 - 1955" / Eric Hoyt (U Wisconsin, Madison), "The Reissue Problem: Labor’s 1940s Campaign against the Theatrical Exhibition of Old Movies" / Shawna Kidman (USC), "Authorship under Work-For-Hire: The Dispute over Comic Books’ Copyrighted Characters" / Ellen Seiter (USC), "Pennies from Google"


K7:  Collective  Memory  and  Political  Documentary

Chair:  Justin  Vaccaro  (UCB) / Co-Chair: David Gray (UCSB) - Rossella Carbotti (UCB), "When We Made Documentaries: Contested Memories and Controinchieste in Italy" / Justin Vaccaro (UCB), "'It’s a Fantasy, a Dream. What  Can We Dream Up?':  Historiography, the Collective, and Media Praxis in La Commune (Paris 1871)" / David Gray (UCSB), "Memorial Spaces in Recent Chilean Documentaries" / Ben Stork (U Minnesota), "History Lessons: On the Image-Document as Pedagogical Object in The  Autobiography  of  Nicolae  Ceausescu"  


K15:  Cinema and Public Space: Questions Concerning Moviegoing in the Digital Age

Chair: Thomas  Forget  (Ciotat  Studio) -  Thomas Forget (Ciotat Studio), "Scales of Distraction: Vernacular Practices of Projection and the Generation of Public  Space" / James Macgillivray (U Michigan), "Death Throws: Cinematic Space and Projection" / Jonathan Bell (RISD), "Cinema Underground: Designing the Next Movie  House Typology" / Mark Thorsby (Lone Star Coll), "The Event Layer: Articulating the Transformation of Cinematic Space"


L20:  Reality  Celebrity  and  the  Monetization  of  Intimacy

Chair:  Suzanne  Leonard  (Simmons  Coll) -  Alice Leppert (Ursinus Coll), "Famous for the Fame‐Work: Keeping Up With the Kardashians and the Production of Branded Celebrity" / Jorie  Lagerwey  (U Coll Dublin), "The Real Housewives’ Ramona Singer: Crazy, Offensive, and  Feminist?" / Jennifer Clark (Fordham U), "#pregnantproblems: Nicole "Snooki” Polizzi and the Emotional Labor of Reality TV Celebrity" / Diane  Negra  (U Coll, Dublin), "After Ever After: Bethenny Frankel, Self-­‐Branding, and  the   'New  Intimacy  of  Work'"


M17:  Workshop:  Strategies  for  the  Academic  Job  Market

Chair: Ashley Elaine York (U Alberta) - Participants: Maruta Vitols (Emerson Coll), Scott Richmond (Wayne SU), Homay King (Bryn Mawr Coll), Aaron  Baker  (Arizona  SU)


N7: Teenagers at the Movies, 1920-1950: Three Case Studies

Chair: Lisa Rabin (George Mason University) / Respondent: Eric Smoodin (UCD)  - Christina Petersen (Eckerd Coll), "The Pleasures of Panning: 1920s College Newspaper Film Criticism and the Sophisticated Youth Spectator" / Laura Isabel Serna (USC), "Social Science and the Racialization of Mexican Youth Film Viewing in Los Angeles in the 1920s and 30s" / Lisa Rabin (George Mason), "Working-Class Teenagers and the Social Content Film: The Human Relations Film Series at Benjamin Franklin High School, East Harlem, New York City, 1936-1955"


P8:  Neoliberalism,  Film  Grammar,  and  Anxieties  of  Influence

Chair: Chris Dumas (UCSF) / Co-Chair: Amy Rust (U S Florida)

Jonathan Haynes (UCB), "The Ideological Effects of the Basic Jerry Lewis Apparatus" / Norman Gendelman (UCB), "The West under Ice: The Politics of Melancholy in The Great Silence and McCabe and Mrs. Miller" / Chris  Dumas  (UCSF), "Déjà vu: De Palma, Hitchcock, and the Trauma of the 'Already Seen'" / Amy  Rust  (U S Florida), "Super 8: Nostalgia for the Light"


Q1: Using the User: Hope Labor and Commodity Communities

Chair: Kathleen Kuehn (Penn State) - Jeremy Morris (U Wisconsin), "Anti-Market Research: New Media Metrics and Commodity Communities" / Mel Stanfill (U Illinois), "Between Commodity and Consent: Implications of the Vanishing Distinction between Play and Work" / Ergin Bulut (U Illinois), "Immaterial Labor along the Pleasure/Pain Axis: Precarious Experience of Video Game Testers" / Kathleen Kuehn (Penn State), "Home/Work or Hope Labor? Social Media Pedagogy and the Future Worker"


Q12: Whiteness Revisited: Myth, History, and Representation

Chair:  Aga  Skrodzka  (Clemson  U) - Adam  Locks  (U Chichester), "White Might: The Articulation of Whiteness in Professional Bodybuilding" / Aga Skrodzka (Clemson U), "Fairytale of White Femininity in Joe Wright’s Hanna (2011)" / Jun Okada (SUNY), "Whiteness and the Other Europe in  Attenberg (Tsangari, 2010)" / Hannah Goodwin (UCSB), "'More Power for Viennese Blood': The  Resurgence of White Supremacist Rhetoric in Austria’s Political Media"


S5: Media Migrations: Race, Class, and Gender in Global Fantasy & Science Fiction

Chair: Dale Hudson (NYU, Abu Dhabi) - Jia Tan (USC), "Time-travel to Ancient Dynasties: Gender and Transmedia Fandom in Chinese Mediascape" / Douglas Ishii (U Maryland), "Techno-Orientalism and the Racial Inhuman in the Whedonverse" / Hossein Khosrowjah (CCA), "Machines Running Amok, on Their Own: Disappearance of Social Class in the 80s and 90s Post-apocalyptic and Dystopic Science Fiction Films" / Dale Hudson (NYU, Abu Dhabi), "Experiencing a Globalized World Differently: Digital Migrations and Surveillance"


Sessions that didn’t fit on the official flyer:

P18:  Economies  of  Media  Industries     Room:  18    

Chair:  Brett  Gary  (New  York  University)    

Josh  Shepperd  (University  of  Wisconsin,  Madison),  "The  Emergence  of  the  Non-Monetary Economy  of   Public  Broadcasting  at  the  Allerton  House  Seminars,  1949-­‐1950"  

Colin  Burnett  (Washington  University,  St  Louis),  "Rethinking  the  Culture-­‐Style Conundrum  in  Film   Studies:  Marketplace,  Language,  Artistry"  

James  Lastra  (University  of  Chicago),  "The  Economies  of  Modern  Sound  Design"  

Douglas  Gomery  (Independent  Scholar),  "Economies  of  Scale  in  Mass  Media:  The  Case  of  Radio   Broadcasting"


P22:  Capitalist  Modernity  and  Cinema: Some Considerations through the Lens of Hindi Cinema     Room:  22

Chair:  Jyotsna  Kapur  (Southern  Illinois  University,  Carbondale)    

Jyotsna  Kapur  (Southern  Illinois  University,  Carbondale),  "For  Some  Dreams  a  Lifetime  Is  Not  Enough:   Bollywood,  Rasa,  and  Time"  

Aarti  Wani  (Symbiosis),  "The  City  and  Its  Song:  Love  and  Modernity  in  the  Cinema  of  the  Fifties"  

Alka  Kurian  (Syracuse  University),  "Dhobi  Ghat  (Mumbai  Diaries):  Death  and  the  Recognition  of  the  Contingent"  

Anustup  Basu  (University  of  Illinois,  Urbana-­‐Champaign),  "Feudal  Family  Limited:  Globalization,  Hindi   Cinema,  and  the  Curious  Vanishings  of  Finance  Capital"


Q1:  Using  the  User:  Hope  Labor  and  Commodity  Communities     Room:  1

Chair:  Kathleen  Kuehn (Pennsylvania  State  University)

Jeremy  Morris  (University  of  Madison, Wisconsin), "Anti-Market Research: New Media Metrics and Commodity Communities" Mel  Stanfill  (University  of  Illinois,  Urbana-Champaign), "Between Commodity and Consent: Implications of  the  Vanishing  Distinction  between  Play  and  Work"  

Ergin  Bulut  (University  of  Illinois,  Urbana-­‐Champaign), "Immaterial Labor along the Pleasure/Pain Axis: Precarious Experience of Video  Game  Testers"  

Kathleen  Kuehn (Pennsylvania State University), "Home/Work or Hope Labor? Social Media Pedagogy and the Future Worker"


Q16:  Conservatism  and  the  Media     Room:  16

Chair:  Allison  Perlman  (University  of  California,  Irvine)  

Heather  Hendershot  (Massachusetts  Institute  of  Technology),  "Firing  Line  and  the  Black  Revolution"  

Allison  Perlman  (University  of  California,  Irvine),  "Matters  of  Taste  and  Race:  Conservative  Broadcasters   and  the  Struggle  Over  Public  Television"  

Gillian  Frank  (Stony  Brook  University),  "'Messages  of  Freakiness,  Hustling,  and  Social  Disorder,' Race, Conservatism, and  Moral  Rearmament  in  the  Post-­‐Civil  Rights  1970s"  

Cynthia  Chris  (College  of  Staten  Island,  CUNY),  "After  Indecency?  After  Broadcasting?"  


R8:  Expanded  Industry  Historiography     Room:  8

Chair:  Derek  Long  (University  of  Wisconsin,  Madison)

Susan  Ohmer  (University  of  Notre  Dame),  "Animation  and  Cultural  Geography:  Disney  and  Standard  Oil   Remap  the  U.S."  

Blair  Davis  (DePaul  University),  "Movie  Comics:  Adapting Cinema into Comic Books in the Studio System Era"

Casey  Riffel  (University  of  Southern  California),  "'No  Comedy  is  Complete  Without  a  Lion':  William  Selig's   Hybrid  Movie  Studio  and  Zoo"

Derek  Long  (University  of  Wisconsin,  Madison),  "The  Influence  of  the  Vitaphone  Short  on  the  Industrial   Logics  of  Early  Warner  Bros.  Animation"


R14:  Transnational  Historiography     Room:  14

Chair:  Peter  Limbrick  (University of California, Santa Cruz)

Jose  Miguel  Palacios  (New  York  University),  "Towards  a  History  of  Experimental  Cinema in Latin America" James  Genova  (Ohio  State  University,  Marion),  "Cinema,  Revolution,  and  Development:  The  Solidarity  of   African  and  Latin  American  Filmmakers,  1965-­‐1975"

Katherine Morrow (University of Washington), "China Inside and Out: The 1958 Karlovy-Vary International Film Festival"

Peter  Limbrick  (University  of  California,  Santa  Cruz),  "Modernism,  Film  Culture,  and  Moroccan  Short  Film   and  Documentary"  


S3:  Film  Industry  Studies     Room:  3

Chair:  Jasmine  Trice  (National  University  of  Singapore)    

Clare Wilkinson-Weber (Washington State University, Vancouver), "'True'  Grit?  The  Pactice  of  Costume   Aging  and  the  Production  of  Realism  in  Two  Industries"  

Karrmen  Crey  (University  of  California,  Los  Angeles),  "Theorizing  Institutional  Screens  in  Indigenous  Documentary:  A  Case  Study  of  Cry  Rock  (2010)"  

Daniel  Bashara  (Northwestern  University),  "The  Well-­‐Drawn  Tale:  Modernist  Graphic  Design  in  Mid-­‐ Century  Live-­‐Action/Animation  Hybrid  Films"  

Jasmine  Trice  (National University of Singapore), "Exhibition and National Cinema Formation in the Philippines"  


S5:  Media  Migrations:  Race,  Class, and Gender in Global  Fantasy & Science Fiction     Room:  5

Chair:  Dale  Hudson  (New  York  University,  Abu  Dhabi)    

Jia  Tan  (University  of  Southern  California),  "Time-­‐travel  to  Ancient  Dynasties:  Gender  and  Transmedia   Fandom  in  Chinese  Mediascape"  

Douglas  Ishii  (University  of  Maryland),  "Techno-­‐Orientalism  and  the  Racial  Inhuman  in  the   Whedonverse"  

Hossein  Khosrowjah  (California  College  of  Arts),  "Machines  Running  Amok,  on  Their  Own:  Disappearance   of  Social  Class  in  the  80s  and  90s  Post-­‐apocalyptic  and  Dystopic  Science  Fiction  Films"  

Dale  Hudson  (New  York  University,  Abu  Dhabi),  "Experiencing  a  Globalized  World  Differently:  Digital  Migrations  and  Surveillance"  


S8:  Reality  TV     Room:  8     Chair:  Lawrence  Nichols  (Simon  Fraser  University)    

Melissa  Zimdars  (University  of  Iowa),  "Fat  Acceptance  TV?:  Neoliberal  Contradictions  and  Carnivalesque   Spaces"  

Catherine  Harrington  (Northwestern  University),  "Prison  Life  as  Entertainment:  Lockup  and  the  Use  of Prison  'Reality'"  

Lindsay  Giggey  (University  of  California  Los  Angeles),  "I  Want  to  Be  on  Top:  The  Labor  of  Branded Celebrity  on  America's  Next  Top  Model:  All  Stars"  

Lawrence  Nichols  (Simon  Fraser  University),  "'Sold,  To  a  Large  Audience':  Reading  Storage  Wars  and TV's   Object-­‐centered  Genre"  

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