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Professional Notes 56.4
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Cinema Journal

Professional Notes 56.4


Recent Books
(compiled by Colleen Glenn)

Barefoot, Guy. Trash Cinema: The Lure of the Low. New York: Wallflower Press, 2017.

Berlatsky, Noah. Wonder Woman: Bondage and Feminism in the Marston/Peter Comics, 1941-1948. New Brunswick: Rutgers UP, 2017.

Bode, Lisa. Making Believe: Screen Performance and Special Effects in Popular Cinema. New Brunswick: Rutgers UP, 2017.

Cooper, Anna and Russell Meeuf. Projecting the World: Representing the “Foreign” in Classical Hollywood. Detroit: Wayne State UP, 2017.

Curtin, Michael and Kevin Sanson. Voices of Labor: Creativity, Craft, and Conflict in Global Hollywood. Oakland: University of California Press, 2017.

Daniel, Douglass K. Anne Bancroft: A Life. Lexington: UP of Kentucky, 2017.

Farrimond, Katherine. The Contemporary Femme Fatale: Gender, Genre, and American Cinema. New York: Routledge, 2017.

Geller, Theresa. The X-Files. TV Milestones Series. Detroit: Wayne State University Press, December 2016.

Gleeson-White, Sarah. William Faulkner at Twentieth Century-Fox: The Annotated Screenplays. New York: Oxford University Press, 2017.

Grisham, Therese and Julie Grossman. Ida Lupino: Her Art and Resilience in Times of Transition. Rutgers UP, 2017.

Lewis, Jon. Hardboiled Hollywood: Crime and Punishment in Postwar Los Angeles. Oakland: University of California Press, 2017.

Mayer, Vicki. Almost Hollywood, Nearly New Orleans: The Lure of the Local Film Economy. Oakland: University of California Press, 2017.

McNamara, Martha J. and Karan Sheldon, eds. Amateur Movie Making Aesthetics of the Everyday in New England Film, 1915–1960. Bloomington: Indiana UP, 2017.

Moss, Joshua Louis. Why Harry Met Sally: Subversive Jewishness, Anglo-Christian Power, and the Rhetoric of Modern Love. Austin: U of Texas P, 2017.

Navitski, Rielle. Public Spectacles of Violence: Sensational Cinema and Journalism in Early Twentieth-Century Mexico and Brazil. Durham: Duke UP, 2017.

Navitski, Rielle and Nicolas Poppe. Cosmopolitan Film Cultures in Latin America, 1896-1960. Bloomington: Indiana UP, 2017.

Newland, Paul. British Films of the 1970s. Manchester: Manchester UP, 2017.

Oukaderova, Lida. The Cinema of the Soviet Thaw: Space, Materiality, and Movement. Bloomington: Indiana UP, 2017.

Peebles, Stacey. Cormac McCarthy: Page, Stage, Screen. Austin: U of Texas P, 2017.

Rogers, Holly and Jeremy Barham. The Music and Sound of Experimental Film. Oxford: Oxford UP, 2017.

Thurmann-Jajes, Anne, Ursula Frohne, Jee-Hae Kim, Maria Peters, Franziska Rauh, and Sarah Rothe. Radio as Art: Concepts, Spaces, Practices. New York: Transcript-Verlag, 2017.

Tomarken, Edward. Why Theory? Cultural Critique in Film and Television. Manchester: Manchester UP, 2017.

Wheeler, Deborah L. Digital Resistance in the Middle East: New Media Activism in Everyday Life. Edinburgh: Edinburgh UP, 2017.

Yockey, Matt, ed. Make Ours Marvel: Media Convergence and a Comics Universe. Austin: U of Texas P, 2017.

Zahlten, Alexander. The End of Japanese Cinema: Industrial Genres, National Times, and Media Ecologies. Durham: Duke UP, 2017.

Recent Articles
(compiled by Paul Flaig)


Abdel-Raheem, Ahmed. “Decoding Images: Toward a Theory of Pictorial Framing.” Discourse & Society 28:4 (July 2017): 327-352.


Allison, Nathan D. “Method Acting, Autonomy, and the Curious ‘as if’ of the Postwar Subject in Nicholas Ray's Rebel Without a Cause.” Arizona Quarterly: A Journal of American Literature, Culture, and Theory 73:2 (Summer 2017): 103-124.


Burstow, Stephen. “This Face, Here, Now: Moving Image Portraiture.” Journal of Asia Pacific Pop Culture 2:1 (2017): 73-92.


Cameron, Ed. “Inviting a Scandalous Look: Detecting the Fabulous Fabula Promoted by the Twist Film.” The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 75:2 (Spring 2017): 155-167.


Campt, Tina M. “Performing Stillness: Diaspora and Stasis in Black German Vernacular Photography.” Qui Parle 26:1 (June 2017): 155-170.


Cardullo, Paolo. “CCTV Oddity: Archaeology and Aesthetics of Video Surveillance.” Visual Studies 32:2 (2017): 124-132.


Crey, Karrmen. “Screen Text and Institutional Context: Indigenous Film Production and Academic Research Institutions.” Native American and Indigenous Studies 4:1 (Spring 2017): 61-88.


Cubitt, Sean. “Glitch.” Cultural Politics 13:1 (March 2017): 19-33.


DeClue, Jennifer. “To Visualize the Queen Diva!: Toward Black Feminist Trans Inclusivity in Beyoncé's ‘Formation’.” TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly 4:2 (May 2017): 219-225.


Edelman, Lee. “Learning Nothing: Bad Education.” differences: A Journal of Feminist Cultural Studies 28:1 (May 2017): 124-173.


Estrada, Isabel. “‘Democrazy’ in Spain: Cinema and New Forms of Social Life in the Twenty-First Century.” MLN 132:2 (March 2017): 386-406.


Futamura, Caroline Wakaba. “The Eternal Other: (Franco-)Asians through the Lens of Contemporary French Cinema.” Contemporary French and Francophone Studies 21 (2017): 28-35.


Geller, Theresa and Anna Marie Banker. “‘That Magic Box Lies’: Queer Theory, Seriality, and American Horror Story.” Velvet Light Trap 79 (Spring 2017): 36-49.

Gleeson-White, Sarah. "Hamlin Garland, Multimedia Modern." Modernism/Modernity, Print Plus 2(1) (2017).

Halligan, Benjamin. “Modeling Affective Labor: On Terry Richardson’s Photography.” Cultural Politics 13:1 (March 2017): 13:1.


Harrington, Alexandra. “Literary Celebrity and Late Style: Anna Akhmatova's Unfinished Cinema Scenario about Pilots and Poem Without A Hero.” The Slavonic and East European Review 95:3 (July 2017): 458-503.


Hodge, James J. “Digital Psycho: Dedramatizing the Historical Event.” Critical Inquiry 43:4 (Summer 2017): 839-860.


Hofer, Stefanie. “Out of the Box: Television, Documentary Fiction, and the Art of Healing.” American Imago 74:1 (Spring 2017): 41-73.


Hout, Syrine. “Artistic Fallout from the July 2006 War: Momentum, Mediation, and Mediatization.” Arab Studies Quarterly 39:2 (Spring 2017): 793-814.


Imada, Adria L. “Promiscuous Signification: Leprosy Suspects in a Photographic Archive of Skin.” Representations 138:1 (Spring 2017): 1-36.


Jacobs, Steven, and Hilde D'haeyere. “Frankfurter Slapstick: Benjamin, Kracauer, and Adorno on American Screen Comedy.” October 160 (Spring 2017): 30-55.


Kennedy, Liam. “The Elusive Enemy: Zero Dark Thirty and the American Worldview.” Journal of American Studies 51:3 (August 2017): 965-980.


King, Kenneth. “On the Cusp of Superstars: Andy Warhol's Silver Factory as Underground.” PAJ: A Journal of Performance and Art 39:2 (May 2017): 22-39.


Kittler, Friedrich. “Real Time Analysis, Time Axis Manipulation.” Cultural Politics 13:1 (March 2017): 1-18.


Luckhurst, Roger. “Why have the Dead Come Back?: The Instance of Photography.” New Formations 89-90 (2017): 101-115.


Mattes, Ari. “The Cinema of Cruelty: Olympus Has Fallen and the Action-Spectacle Aesthetic.” Journal of Asia-Pacific Pop Culture 2:1 (2017): 93-118.


Melton, Jeffrey. “Romancing the American Dream: The Coen Brothers' Raising Arizona.” Studies in American Humor 3:1 (2017): 1-21.


Millner-Larsen, Nadja. “The Subject of Black: Abstraction and the Politics of Race in the Expanded Cinema Environment.” Grey Room 67 (Spring 2017): 64-99.


Multiple Authors. “Dossier: Visualising Traces of the Past in Latin America.” Journal of Latin American Cultural Studies: 26 (2017): 131-278.


Multiple Authors. Inaugural Issue. Journal of Posthuman Studies 1:1 (2017): 1-112.


Multiple Authors. “Nootechnics.” Parallax 23 (2017): 129-239.


Multiple Authors. “Special Issue: Weimar Photography in Context.” Monatshefte 109:2 (Summer 2017).


Peterson, Marina. “Atmospheric Sensibilities: Noise, Annoyance, and Indefinite Urbanism.” Social Text 35:2 (June 2017): 69-90.


Sills, Liz. “Hashtag Comedy: From Muslim Rage to #Muslimrage.” ReOrient 2:2 (Spring 2017): 160-174.


Sinha, Suvadip. “Magical Modernity: The Fallacy of Affect in Ritwik Ghatak's Ajantrik.” Cultural Critique 95 (Winter 2017): 101-130.


Strand, Nichole. “Gender and Consumption in Porfirian Mexico: Images of Women in Advertising, El Imparcial, 1897–1910.” Frontiers: A Journal of Women Studies 38:1 (2017): 1-30.


Strub, Whitney. “Sex Wishes and Virgin Dreams: Zebedy Colt's Reactionary Queer Heterosmut and the Elusive Porn Archive.” GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies 23:3 (2017): 359-390.


Tati, Jacques, “A Conversation with Jacques Tati.” October 160 (Spring 2017): 109-126.


Vernon, Alex. “Spectator-Citizen-Soldier: History, Genre, and Gender in The Hurt Locker.” Modern Fiction Studies 63:2 (Summer 2017): 373-396.


White, Duncan. “An ‘Automatic Escape’ or a ‘Beautiful Question’? Cinema and Experimental Film after Michael Fried’s ‘Art and Objecthood’.” Journal of Visual Culture 16:1 (April 2017): 103-117.


Wild, Jennifer. “The Chaplin Files, 1952.” October 160 (Spring 2017): 51-78.


Williams, Melvin L. ““Ain't I a Teacher?” A Television Analysis of Black Male Media-Teachers on The Steve Harvey Show.” Spectrum 5:2 (Spring 2017): 45-70.


Yogerst, Chris. “Hughes, Hawks, and Hays: The Monumental Censorship Battle Over Scarface (1932).” The Journal of American Culture 40:2 (June 2017): 134-144.


Zohar, Ayelet. “Photography and Invisibility: Indexicality and Performativity Asia-Pacific War Memory in Tsukada Mamoru's Identical Twins Series (2003) and Suzuki Norio's Photos of Onoda Hiroo (1974).” positions: east asia cultures critique 25:2 (May 2017): 388-429.

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