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Tips on Forming Panels
To form a panel please follow the step by step instructions below [this is subject to reflect whatever instructions are needed once submission method is chosen]. Need help forming a panel? Find assistance on the Panel forum >

  1. First "Create Panel" by completing the panel topic form.Please review your panel topic form for corrections before submitting. Once submitted, the panel topic form cannot be changed.
  2. Next step is to add the individual papers using "Add Paper". Please enter papers in the order to be presented. Please review the individual papers for corrections before submitting. Once submitted, a paper form cannot be changed. (Note: You do not have to add every paper on the same day.) When you have added at least three papers, the Submit Panel link in the table will become active. Do not click the Submit Panel link until you have added all the papers. Once you click Submit Panel, you will not be able to add any more papers to your panel.
  3. The final step is to Submit Panel. After you have submitted the last paper, you must return to the Submit Panel link and click it to complete the panel submission process. Once submitted the Panel proposal cannot be changed.
    Download example of Panel Topic Form (doc, 48 kb) >
    Download example of Panel Paper Form (doc, 48 kb) >
    Download example of Completed Panel Form (doc, 48 kb) >
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