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Pedagogy Award - Dossier Guidelines
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NOTE:  The dossier should not exceed 35 pages in length. 

 The dossier should include, in the following order:

  1. Table of Contents (1 page 12 pt Times)
  2. Curriculum vitae: maximum five pages. May include some but not necessarily all of the following: educational background; teaching positions held; courses taught (including optional brief descriptions); awards, grants; publications; service. All material listed in the c.v., should be related to pedagogy.  An example of a successful dossier is available upon request to  
  3. Nominee's statement: maximum 750 words (3 pages 12pt Times). Statement should answer the questions: How do I teach? Why do I teach? 
  4. Nominator’s statement: maximum 1250 words (5 pages 12pt Times). Summarizes the nominee’s accomplishments and provides overview of supporting documents.
  5. Supporting Documents
a.  Letter(s) addressing specific aspects of the nominee's pedagogy, maximum 750 words (3 pages 12pt Times) each. May be provided by one or more of the following: department chairs (who may summarize course evaluation data); colleagues; current or former students; or anyone who may comment on the nominee’s achievement in instruction, educational publication and/or service (e.g., curriculum development or educational planning; committees; workshops or panels). Please limit the number to no more than seven (7) to ten (10) carefully chosen letters. 

b.  Evidence of accomplishment in instruction. May include some but not necessarily all of the following:     
      • syllabi or brochures from special teaching programs and seminars
      • descriptions of successful assignments
      • evidence of student scholarship or production directly resulting from the nominee’s teaching or mentorship
      • evidence of extra-curricular involvement with students
      • evidence of advisorship for student theses, dissertations, internships, or productions
c.  Evidence of publication in the area of film and media studies and/or development of educational materials. May include some but not necessarily all of the following: 
  • textbooks and books on pedagogy
  • published essays or articles on pedagogy
  • reviews of books/articles/electronic or creative materials
d.  Evidence of service/value in film and media studies, e.g., samples of course or curriculum development projects
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