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April News Update

Monday, April 9, 2012   (0 Comments)
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April 2012 SCMS News Update

· Call for SCMS Committee Service

· Conference Bulletin Board

· March 23, 2012 Members' Business Meeting Minutes


SCMS is a member-run organization, and service to our profession remains critical to the ongoing health of our field and to our scholarly organization. Serving on an SCMS committee is also an excellent way of networking with other members and providing vital service to the organization.

All members are encouraged to volunteer for service on one of our various committees:

- Standing Committees: Information Technologies, Media Archive, Nominating, Professional Development, Public Policy, Teaching, Translation/Publication

- Annual Committees: Conference Host, Conference Program, Conference Screening

- Award Committees: Anne Friedberg Award for Innovative Scholarship, Best First Book, Best Edited Collection, Best Essay in an Edited Collection, Dissertation, Distinguished Career Achievement, Kovács Book, Kovács Essay, Pedagogy, Student Writing.

All committees, committee descriptions, and current committee members are on the SCMS website under "About Us.”

If you are interested in volunteering to serve on a committee, please contact the SCMS Office (, or volunteer for committee service through the SCMS website:

The names of volunteers will be forwarded to the SCMS Board of Directors for review and final approval. In July, the SCMS Office staff will notify individuals chosen to serve on committees.


Members may post calls for papers or workshop presentations for the 2013 Chicago conference on the SCMS Bulletin Board now ( The Bulletin Board submissions on the Forums page will close July 15, 2012. August 15, 2012 is the final day for session organizers to notify individuals that they have been accepted for a panel or workshop proposal. Proposal submission forms for the 2013 Chicago Conference will be available online beginning June 1 through August 31, 2012.

Boston Park Plaza Hotel, Statler Room
Boston, MA
March 23, 2012

I. Introduction

President Chris Holmlund called the meeting to order at 11:10 am. She welcomed all present and encouraged them to thank the SCMS staff (Jane Dye, Debbie Rush, and Leslie LeMond) for their outstanding work on the 2012 conference.

II. 2012 Elections

Holmlund thanked the people who are leaving the Board this year: Mary Kearney (Secretary); Diane Negra and Jacqueline Stewart (Executive Council members); Andrew Miller (IT Consultant), and Heather Hendershot (Cinema Journal Editor). Hendershot’s term ends December 31, 2012; all others end June 30, 2012. She also thanked the candidates who ran for the Board this year and were not elected: Marvin D’Lugo, Bob Rehak, and Eric Smoodin.

Holmlund announced that Corey Creekmur (University of Iowa) was elected Secretary, and Sean Griffin (Southern Methodist University) and Haidee Wasson (Concordia University) have been elected to the Executive Council. Their terms will begin July 1, 2012 and end June 30, 2015. Victoria Sturtevant, Director of the Film and Video Studies Program at the University of Oklahoma (where the SCMS Office is located) will join the Board on July 1, 2012, as an ex officio non-voting member. Will Brooker (Kingston University) will replace Hendershot as the new Cinema Journal editor on January 1, 2013. Last, she acknowledged the co-chairs of the Caucuses and Scholarly Interest Groups for their service, as well as those who served on the standing and annual committees this year.

III. Call for Service

Holmlund noted that SCMS is a member-run organization, and invited everyone to volunteer for service for the coming year. She encouraged members to support travel awards for graduate students and un-/under-employed members.

IV. Member Announcements

A. PBS Schedule

Pat Aufderheide made an announcement regarding PBS’sdecision to move the two premier strands of independent documentaries,Independent LensandPOV, from their established home on Tuesday nights to Thursday, a night on which local stations program locally-selected material. She encouraged members to follow the news and support the campaign launched by Kartemquin Films ( to ask PBS to give these programs and other public-purpose programs proper showcasing.

B. Canyon Cinema

Scott MacDonald and Michael Renov made an announcement regarding the possible closing of Canyon Cinema, a major distributor of 16mm film. MacDonald and Renov appealed to members to speak to their home institutions regarding financial support for Canyon Cinema. Contact <> for more information.

V. Conference Notes

2012 Conference Program Committee Chair Mary Kearney noted that the 2012 Conference is our biggest yet. This year the conference was a day longer than last year, beginning on Wednesday. Over 1100 proposals were received, and those accepted were programmed into approximately 420 sessions.

Kearney reminded members that the 2013 conference will be held at the Drake Hotel in Chicago, IL, March 6-10, 2013, and announced that the location of the 2014 conference will be Seattle, WA. SCMS Conference Manager Leslie LeMond will soon begin the process of soliciting bids from hotels for the 2014 conference.

VI. Treasurer's Report

Treasurer Jim Castonguay presented his annual report, which included an overview of the Society’s income/revenue, expenses/costs, account balances, total assets, and membership numbers (by category) through March 1, 2012. He also presented conference attendance figures from 2000 to 2012, as well as conference attendance by job title for 2011. Additionally, he presented a 2008-2011 asset summary.

Castonguay discussed the Board’s desire to hire an Executive Director to improve administration of the Society and to bring SCMS in line with other peer organizations. He described other 2012-2015 plans and goals, as well, among them revising membership fees, generating surplus revenue, evaluating dues categories, increasing institutional memberships, stabilizing website costs, increasing conference sponsorship and advertising revenue, increasing SIG and Caucus funding, and increasing the number of travel grant awards.

VII. Website Report

President-Elect Barbara Klinger alerted members to web activity happening at the conference, including SCMS Live!, blogging, and tweeting.

She presented a brief report from the ad hoc Website Committee, which was assigned to review the SCMS Website in detail. She noted the forthcoming elimination of various pages that have long been under construction, as well as initiatives to enrich the teaching, research, and other resource areas of the website. Last, she discussed plans to partner with other associated websites, including ScreenSite.

VIII. International Outreach Report

Executive Council Member Diane Negra informed members of SCMS's new alliances with a variety of organizations related to film and media studies, including BAFTSS, Screen, and UFVA. Affiliated organizations are identified on the SCMS Website.

IX. Website Content Manager Position

IT Consultant Andrew Miller noted that the Board has finished the foundational work for the new website and explained that we now need to build the website for everyday use. The Board has created a new paid staff position, the Web Content Manager, beginning in late spring 2012. This position will replace the Information Technology Consultant. He invited members to apply, emphasizing that excellent communication skills are required. Applications are due April 2, 2012. Miller also briefly discussed conference web services and A/V costs.

X. Member Comments and Questions

A member asked the Board to comment on the financial aspects of the move toward hiring an Executive Director. Castonguay responded by discussing his research on staff at peer organizations.

A member asked if the Executive Director position will be attached to the SCMS Office, and if it will it be an appointed or elected position. Petro responded by discussing the Board’s strategic planning initiatives, and noted that the idea to hire an Executive Director emerged from those conversations. Castonguay added that more research is necessary for us to determine how and when the Society can institute this position. Holmlund explained that the Executive Director will be an appointed staff position.

A member asked about volunteering for the Program Committee. Holmlund answered by noting that members can volunteer for any of the standing, annual, or awards committees via the website or by emailing the SCMS Office.

A member asked about the length of committee service, noting some confusion with one of the committees this year. Petro responded that standing committee members serve 3-year terms; annual and most awards committee members serve one-year terms. Members of the Distinguished Career Achievement Award Committee serve three-year, staggered terms.

A member asked on behalf of the Caucus on Class if the Society's contractual agreements with hotels include provisions beyond what we normally think of as "acts of God,” such as natural disasters, war, or civil disturbancesto include union activity and picket lines. He noted that many members would not cross a picket line. Castonguay replied that we already have riders regarding this issue, and that we’ve been doing this for years. Petro added that the Society respects union activity. She also said that the Society has been involved in a major study of the status of the academic workforce,focusing specificallyon adjuncts and lecturers,as part of The Coalition on the Academic Workforce (CAWS). The Coalition willrelease its study (based on thousands of surveys, inwhich SCMS members also participated) sometime in April. Once that study is released, it will be posted on the SCMS website.

XI. Reminders

A. Post-Conference Survey

Holmlund clarified that in order to improve our conference each year, the SCMS Board and Office need feedback from members. A conference survey will be sent to members in the next few weeks.

B. New Members’ Orientation

Holmlund mentioned that one more New Members' Orientation session is scheduled at the conference from 2:15 – 4:00 pm on March 23, 2012, in the Statler Room.

C. Conference Evening Events

Holmlund reminded members that the Award Ceremony will be held March 23, 2012, from 4:15-5:30 pm in the Plaza Ballroom, followed by our gala reception from 5:30-7:30 pm in the Imperial Ballroom. The reception was made possible this year by Boston universities and colleges, as well as by SCMS.

Holmlund adjourned the meeting at 12 noon.

Minutes prepared by Mary Celeste Kearney.

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