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2006 Awards
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Twenty-Third Annual Dissertation Award
Jacob Smith
"Vocal Tracks:  Modern Vocal Performances in the Sound Media" (Indiana University, 2005).  

Honorable Mention
Jennifer Barker
"The Tactile Eye," (University of California, Los Angeles, 2004) 

Honorable Mention:
Vinicius Navarro
"Ordinary Acts:  Performance in Nonfiction Film, 1960-1967," (New York University, 2005). 

Kovacs Book Award
Nicholas Sammond
Babes in Tomorrowland:  Walt Disney and the Making of the American Child, 1930-1960 (Duke University Press, 2005).

Honorable mention:
Derek Kompare
Rerun Nation:  How Repeats Invented American Television (Routledge, 2005).

Kovacs Essay Award
Lucas Hilderbrand
"Grainy Days and Mondays:  Superstar and Bootleg Aesthetics" Camera Obscura, 57 (December 2004).

Student Writing Award
First Place
Candace Moore "Having it all Ways:  The Tourist, the Traveler, and the Local in The L Word"  
Second Place
Olga Solovieva
"A Murder's Portrayal in Fritz Lang's M:  Towards the Effect of Three-Dimensionality in the Classical Cinema"

Third Place
Eugenie Brinkema 
"Some Things, Once Seen, Cannot Be Unseen:  Torture(d) Television and the Limits of Ethical Spectatorship" 

Fourth Annual Service Award
Justin Wyatt 

Honorary Life Members
B. Ruby Rich and Peter Wollen 
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