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2008 Awards

Twenty-Fifth Annual Dissertation Award 
Charles Tepperman
"Communicating a New Form of Knowledge: Tracing the Amateur Cinema League and its Films (1926-1954)” (University of Chicago, 2007).   

Honorable Mention:  Dissertation Award 
Devorah Heitner
"Black Power TV: A Cultural History of Black Public Affairs Television 1968-80” (Northwestern University, 2007).

Kovacs Book Award
Bambi Haggins
Laughing Mad: The Black Comic Persona in Post-soul America
(Rutgers University Press, 2007).

Honorable Mention:
Anne Friedberg
The Virtual Window: From Alberti to Microsoft (The MIT Press, 2006). 

Kovacs Essay Award
John MacKay
"Film Energy: Process and Metanarrative in Dziga Vertov’s The Eleventh Year (1928),” October 121 (2007). 

Honorable Mention:
Elena Gorfinkel
"Wet Dreams:  Erotic Film Festivals of the Early 1970s and the Utopian Sexual Public Sphere.”  Framework 47:2 (2006).  

Honorable Mention:
Charles Musser
"The Clash between Theater and Film:  Germaine Dulac, André Bazin and La Souriante Madame Beudet.”  New Review of Film and Television Studies 5:2 (2007).

Student Writing Award
First Place

 Nandana Bose
"Censor Board of India Correspondence (1992-2002): A Discursive Rhetoric of Moral Panic, ‘Public’ Protest and Political Pressure”

Second Place
Ellen Pullar
"’A New Woman’: The Promotional Persona of Anna Sten” 

Third Place
William Thomas McClain
"Film-Fiction: Fan Magazines, Narrative, and Spectatorship in the Transitional Film Era”

Sixth Annual Service Award
Lucy Fischer 

Honorary Lifetime Member
Thomas Elsaesser

Second Annual Pedagogy Award
 Diane Carson
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