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Investment Committee
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The Investment Committee was established in 2017.

The Investment Committee is charged with the responsibility of overseeing the investment portfolio of the membership for the Society of Cinema and Media Studies. To that end, the Committee’s responsibilities include making recommendations and advising the board, establishing and maintaining the investment policy, objectives, portfolio guidelines, as well as selecting the investment vehicles, and periodically monitoring the performance of investments. The Investment Committee, however, may establish rules or other resolutions governing its investment policy and may delegate to the committee members or agents the authority to act. The Investment Committee shall discharge its duties with the care, skill, prudence and diligence appropriate to the circumstances then prevailing.

The Investment Committee shall meet remotely three times per year, timed to predate the regular SCMS Board Meetings in March, June and October. The Treasurer, in conversation with the home office and Executive Director, will gauge investments on a more regular basis and call additional meetings of the Investment Committee as needed. The Investment Committee is composed of the current Treasurer, the past Treasurer, the Executive Director, and at least two other members of the society (at least one of the members of this committee should not currently be serving on the Board of Directors).

2017-2018 Members:

Bambi Haggins, Treasurer (2017-2020)
Amanda Ann Klein, Past Treasurer (2017-2020)

Executive Director,
Jill Simpson (ongoing)
Gilbert Blasini, member-at-large (2018-2021)

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