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Nominating Committee
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The Nominating Committee is charged with submitting a slate of eligible candidates for office for approval to the Board of Directors in accordance with Article V, Sections 1 and 2 of the Bylaws.  In its selection of candidates, the Nominating Committee should keep the following criteria in mind: 

--Candidates should represent a variety of geographical locations, scholarly methodologies, types of schools and institutions where each received formal training. 
--Candidates should possess qualifications and characteristics that qualify them for the positions they are seeking, and they should be told in detail the responsibilities that each position entails.
--Candidates should be selected with due consideration of the cultural and gender diversity the Society wishes to foster. 
--The Nominating Committee may not nominate one of its own members for SCMS office. The Committee should also be sensitive to all other questions of potential conflict of interest.
--The Secretary will notify the candidates of the results of the election.
--Nominees may not run for office two years in a row. 

Michael Curtin, University of California, Santa Barbara (Liaison on the Board of Directors)

2017-2018 Members:

Haidee Wasson (Chair), Concordia University (15-18)

Benjamin Aslinger, Bentley University (17-20)
Anna Everett, University of California, Santa Barbara
Elena Gorfinkel, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee (15-18)

Jonathan Gray, University of Wisconsin, Madison (16-19)

Kristen Hatch, University of California, Irvine (17-20)

Mariah Larsson, Linnaeus University (15-18)

Kevin Sanson, Queensland University of Technology (17-20)

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