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Film Philosophy Scholarly Interest Group (Founded 2015)
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Mission Statement

This SIG takes as its subject the interdisciplinary field of Film Philosophy, which brings together work in philosophy and film and media studies. The Film Philosophy SIG seeks to provide an enclave within the SCMS for exploration, debate, productive discovery and consolidation of this field, whose relatively recent emergence and naming belies an already rich set of methodologies, disciplinary questions and goals, and unique obstacles arising from its particular interdisciplinary encounter. This SIG is not only concerned with enabling an exchange of research on topics within Film Philosophy but also hopes to encourage self-reflexive inquiry aimed at better defining (without reducing) the field.

In providing the means for discussion about the nature and goals of this field as well as an arena for exchange among scholars working within it, this SIG aims to draw together various areas of research and discussion, including: methodological questions surrounding the importation of the work of individual philosophers, or a school of philosophy, into discussions of film and media, and how best to develop a productive framework for these local discussions; work addressing the influence of different philosophers on the history and theory of cinema and the institutional development of film studies, and, in the reverse, the influence of moving image media on the historical and conceptual development of philosophy; the question of whether and how films or other moving-image media can ‘do’ philosophy; research addressing the challenges philosophy, in its concern for aesthetics, ethics, ontology and epistemology, makes reflexively clear for the study of moving image media; and others. Beyond working in these areas to develop consistent methodological goals and research programs for the field, this SIG will also provide a necessary space in which to work through the unique problems that arise at the intersection between film studies and philosophy – differing institutional bodies of knowledge, reference points, vocabulary, approaches and scholarly standards, etc.

Given the formative state of Film Philosophy as a field, this SIG hopes to allow prominent and emerging scholars working at this disciplinary intersection to debate and analyze various methodological approaches to their topics and to create avenues for conversing across the theoretical divides that currently exist within Film Philosophy (between Analytic, Cognitive, and Continental approaches, for example). Through discussion groups, invited speakers from the disciplines of both philosophy and film studies, screenings of films with a particular bearing on Film Philosophy, and sponsored panels on topics in Film Philosophy, this SIG hopes to stage productive exchanges between the various approaches and concerns that currently characterize the field, while developing new research avenues and permitting Film Philosophy a venue for greater self-reflection and definition.



  • To hold an annual meeting at the SCMS conference and provide opportunities to scholars working in this field to meet, discuss and develop connections and collaborative projects.
  • To support the growth of this interdisciplinary field through solicitation of work from the disciplines of film and media studies and philosophy, the organization of workshops and panels attending to the possibilities and challenges of this particular interdisciplinary field, and the invitation of guest speakers from both disciplines during our annual meeting.
  • To sponsor panels related to Film-Philosophy at the annual SCMS conference, as well as encourage scholars to develop pre-constituted panels across shared interests.
  • To organize workshops and discussions concerning the pedagogical requirements and challenges particular to Film-Philosophy, as well as other workshops and special panels.
  • To identify the need and provide the impetus for new translations of texts, and draw attention to texts and philosophical work not traditionally covered by the canon of Western philosophy and Film-Philosophy.
  • To work with established journals and associations devoted to moving images and philosophy, publishers and our members in order to promote and support publications related to Film-Philosophy, including special issues, anthologies, and interviews, as well as draw attention and increase access to pre-existing arenas for publication.
  • To develop platforms and digital networks that will serve the expansion and advancement of Film-Philosophy, enabling the distribution of calls for papers, conference announcements, workshop, pedagogical projects, web materials, etc.


Article I – Membership

Section 1 - Constitution: Membership shall be open to all SCMS members in good standing who wish to join the Film-Philosophy SIG.

Article II – Executive

Section 1 - Constitution: The executive shall consist of two to three officers. There will be two Co-Chairs. These Co-Chairs have the option of appointing an Assistant Chair.

Section 2 - Appointment: Prospective Co-Chairs must receive a nomination and second at the annual meeting in order to be considered for election. Co-chairs must be elected by a majority of members at a meeting where a quorum is present (40% of the SIG’s membership shall constitute a quorum). Assistant Co-Chairs will be determined by the invitation of the Co-Chairs who shall draw upon nominations collected at the annual meeting.

Section 3 - Term: Co-Chairs will serve a term of no less than two years, and no more than three years. Co-Chair terms will be staggered. Co-Chairs may stand for re-election for no more than two terms in a row. The Assistant Chair will serve a term the length of which will be at the discretion of the Co-Chairs, but which shall be no shorter than one year and no longer than three years.

Section 4 - Responsibilities: The Co-Chairs shall be responsible for organizing meetings, preparing regular minutes and reports, organizing conference events and special projects, communicating with the membership, and other duties as necessary. The Co-Chairs, in consultation with the SIG membership, shall manage the expenditure of the annual SCMS SIG fund. The assistant Co-Chair will take minutes at the annual meeting, assist with treasury duties and carry out other duties as directed.

Article III - Elections and Voting Procedures

Section 1 - Participation: Participation in voting and elections at the annual meeting may not take place by proxy. In exceptional circumstances, votes may be put to the membership by email. In this case, members will have no more than seven business days to respond to the email announcing a vote in order to participate in the vote. When a vote must be conducted electronically, an e-mail whose subject contains the word “Vote,” will be sent out by Co-Chairs.

Section 2 - Point of Order Procedure: Meetings will consist of a Review of Old Business, Introduction of New Business, and Points of Order from the Floor, in that order. In order to become a motion, all points of order must receive support from a second member. At this point, the motion will be put to a vote. Motions will be accepted if they receive the support of a majority of a quorum of members.


Article IV – Amendments

Section 1 - Amendments: These bylaws can be amended when necessary by two-thirds majority of the membership.


Contacts: (Updated 2/18/20)

Markos Hadjioannou,

Meghan Sutherland

John Winn (2019-2021, Secretary)

Contact Us

Society for Cinema and Media Studies
640 Parrington Oval
Wallace Old Science Hall, Room 300
Norman, OK 73019
(405) 325-8075