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Professional Notes
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This quarterly feature lists recent books published in media studies, as well as articles on film and TV published in non-media journals. Contributions are welcome - please send them to Colleen Glenn or submit via this form.
Professional Notes Editors: Colleen Glenn and Paul Flaig

Notes from the most current issue are listed below. Past issues of Professional Notes are located here.

Journal of Cinema and Media Studies

Professional Notes 59.4

Articles on Film and TV
(compiled by Paul Flaig, University of St. Andrews)

Aguiló, Ignacio. "YouTube Kitsch and the Racial Politics of Taste in the Andes: The Case of Delfín Quishpe." Studies in Latin American Popular Culture 38 (2020): 1-21.

Amad, Paula. ""The World's Heavy Gaze": Cin-aereality in the Postwar Avant-Gardes." Modernism/modernity 27:2 (2020): 207-242.

Babb, Valerie. "The Past is Never Past: The Call and Response between Marvel's Black Panther and Early Black Speculative Fiction." African American Review 53:2 (2020): 95-109.

Bartley, William. ""Not by a Long Shot": John Sayles's Lone Star, the Future, and the Bildungsroman." Canadian Review of American Studies 50:1 (2020): 165-191.

Belot, Sophie. "Brigitte Bardot as Object of Desire and Subject of Contempt." L'Esprit Créateur 60:2 (2020): 113-125.

Ben Labidi, Imed. "The Vanishing Native: Torture and Settler Colonialism in Transnational French Cinema." Cultural Politics 16:1 (2020): 24-43.

Bivona, Kristal. "Historical Fiction and the Age of Fake News: Debating Brazil's Past Over Audiovisual Culture." Luso-Brazilian Review 57:1 (2020): 77-100.

Bogdanova-Kummer, Eugenia. "Ink Splashes on Camera: Calligraphy, Action Painting, and Mass Media in Postwar Japan." Modernism/modernity 27:2 (2020): 299-321.

Brazelton, Bennett. “The Futures of Grace Jones: Queer, Black, Dystopian, Eternal.” Fire!!! 5:2 (2020): 53–82.

Broad, Leah. "Game of Thrones: Music in Complex TV." Music and the Moving Image 13:1 (2020): 21-42.

Brock, Ashley. "Reanimating the Domestic Still Life." CR: The New Centennial Review 20:1 (2020):51-74.

Cardullo, R. J. “Serious Sex: A Re-Viewing of the Films Lila Says and My Summer of Love.” Soundings: An Interdisciplinary Journal 103:1 (2020): 95–108.

Chen, Tzu-Chin Insky. “Making Southeast Asian Migrant Workers Visible in Taiwanese Cinema: Pinoy Sunday and Ye-Zai." Cross-Currents: East Asian History and Culture Review 9:1 (2020): 234-267.

Choi, Jung Ja. "Female Intersubjectivity: Violence, Women, and Elegy in Lee Chang-dong's Poetry." Journal of Korean Studies 25:1 (2020): 237-261

Church, David. "Pinning Down the Past: Lesbian Politics and Queer Ecologies in The Duke of Burgundy." QED: A Journal in GLBTQ Worldmaking 7:1 (2020): 1-28.

Chyutin, Dan and Yael Mazor. "Israeli Cinema Studies: Mapping Out a Field." Shofar: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Jewish Studies 38:1 (2020): 167-217.

Cole, Ross. "Vaporwave Aesthetics: Internet Nostalgia and the Utopian Impulse." ASAP/Journal 5:2 (2020): 297-326.

Cranfield, Jonathan. “‘The Kinematograph View of Life’: Cinema, Fiction & Periodicals in Britain, 1910–20.” The Journal of Modern Periodical Studies 10:1-2 (2020): 52–75.

Dahms, Harry F. "Science-Fiction Films and "Love": Toward a Critique of Regressive Social Relations." Soundings: An Interdisciplinary Journal 103:2 (2020): 121-157.

Ehrig, Stephan. “Female City Walking, DEFA, and East Berlin's Post-War Urban Space: Heute Abend Und Morgen Früh (1977), Sabine Kleist, 7 Jahre (1982), and Die Beunruhigung (1982).” The Modern Language Review 115:2 (2020): 380–402.

Fabijančić, Tony. "Anamorphosis in David Lynch's Mulholland Drive." University of Toronto Quarterly 89:2 (2020): 219-238.

Fields, Jill. ""Where my dreidel at?": Representing Jewish Identity in Orange Is the New Black." Journal of Jewish Identities 13:1 (2020):17-41.

Finocchiaro, Francesco. "'In the Mirror of Criticism': The Film Music Debate on Reichsfilmblatt from 1924 to 1929 (with a Source Catalogue)." Fontes Artis Musicae 67:1 (2020): 34-62.

Forlenza, Rosario. "In Search of Order: Portrayal of Communists in Cold War Italy." Journal of Cold War Studies, 22:2 (2020): 94-132.

Gagnon, Olivia Michiko. "Singing With Nanook of the North: On Tanya Tagaq, Feeling Entangled, and Colonial Archives of Indigeneity." ASAP/Journal 5:1, (2020): 45-78.

Grant, Alphonso Walter. “Part 2, What It Means to Be Black: DL, Black, and Black Gay Male Images in Media—A Television Criticism.” Visual Arts Research 46:1 (2020): 92–100.

Hatton, Brynn. “On Impossibility: Finding Vietnam in a Jordanian-Soviet Film Archive.” ARTMargins (June 2020) 9:2: 7–32.

Hazelrigg, Lawrence. "Efficacy and Efficiency in the World of Terry Gilliam's Brazil." Soundings: An Interdisciplinary Journal 103:2 (2020): 158-183.

Huth, Jessica L. "Poster Queers: A Visual Analysis of an LGBTQ+ Film Festival." Visual Arts Research 46:1 (2020): 30-43.

Jackson, David W. “Landscape and Science-Fiction Film.” Science Fiction Studies 47:2 (2020) 241–252.

Jarrett, James Alexander. “‘The Master of Menace’: Pinter's Final Stand in Sleuth.” The Harold Pinter Review 4:1 (2020): 36–51.

Jarvis, Douglas. "Finding Canada's Place in Richard Weaver's American Stereopticon: David Cronenberg's Obscene Critique of the "Canadian Way of Life"." Canadian Review of American Studies 50:1 (2020): 121-142.

Jay, Martin. "Theory and Philosophy: Antonyms in Our Semantic Field?" Philosophy & Rhetoric 53:1 (2020): 6-20.

Jin, Jay. "Playing Between Systems Theory, Affect, and Imitation in the Reality Tv Show Terrace House."ASAP/Journal 5:2 (2020): 375-400.

Kim, Meehyun. “Does Vertical Integration of Distributors and Theaters Ensure Movie Success?: Evidence from the Korean Film Industry.” Journal of Asian Sociology 49:1 (2020): 99–120.

Kwan, Yvonne Y. "Time-Image Episodes and the Construction of Transgenerational Trauma Narratives." Journal of Asian American Studies 23:1 (2020): 29-59.

Lamm, Kimberly. ""Pussy in a Can": Containing Feminization and Disposability in The Wire." Cultural Critique 106 (2020): 90-129.

Langston, David J. "Inexorable Force and Sustaining Form in Jean Renoir's The River." South Central Review 37:1 (2020): 29-53.

Losada, Matt. "Migration on Film during the Tucumán Crisis." MLN 135:2 (2020): 459-472.

Lovatt, Philippa. "(Im)material Histories and Aesthetics of Extractivism in Vietnamese Artists' Moving Image." Southeast of Now: Directions in Contemporary and Modern Art in Asia 4:1 (2020): 221-236.

Lundskow, George. "Resistance and Revolution in Society Exemplified in Film Noir and Science Fiction in the Baby Boomer and Millennial–GenZ Age." Soundings: An Interdisciplinary Journal 103:2 (2020): 184-215.

Mastandrea, Martina. "“Don’t Write Anything that Will Bother the Italian Censor”: Pasolini and the Filming of A Farewell to Arms in 1950’s Italy." The Hemingway Review 39:2 (2020): 24-39.

McIlroy, Brian. “"Doing Everything Possible to Encourage a British sentiment": The Rise of Film Censorship and Regulation of Picture Houses in British Columbia, 1910-1915.”BC Studies: The British Columbian Quarterly 205 (Spring 2020): 79-101.

Meyer, Stephen C. “Dystopia and Transcendence: Tavener's Music for Children of Men.” Music and the Moving Image 13:1 (2020): 43–61.

Mock, Sean. "“Against a Dwarf”: The Medieval Motif of the Antagonistic Dwarf and its Role in Contemporary Literature and Film." Journal of Literary & Cultural Disability Studies 14:2 (2020): 155-170.

Mullen, Lisa. ""Sound, Substantial Flesh and Blood": T. S. Eliot's "East Coker" and Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger's The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp." Twentieth-Century Literature 66:1 (2020): 59-78.

Noble-Olson, Matthew. "Lateness and the Politics of Filmic Excess." Modernism/modernity 27:2 (2020): 273-297.

Odagiri, Takushi. "Mental (2008): Sōda Kazuhiro's Observational Cinema." positions: asia critique 28:2 (2020): 277-309.

Okazaki, Brooke McCorkle. "Liveness, Music, Media: The Case of the Cine-Concert." Music and the Moving Image 13:2 (2020): 3-24.

Osborne, Dora. “Too Soon and Too Late: The Problem of Archive Work in Christian Petzold’s Phoenix.” New German Critique 47:1 (February 2020): 173–195.

Parikh, Crystal. “Divining Justice: Dispossessing Form in Asian/American Culture.” Verge: Studies in Global Asias 6:1 (2020): 29–36.

Parker, Joshua. "Collective Verbal Narrativization of Online Video: The Scream of Baltimore." Narrative 28:2 (2020): 215-235.

Peck, Andrew. “A Problem of Amplification: Folklore and Fake News in the Age of Social Media.” The Journal of American Folklore 133:529 (2020): 329–351.

Pinto, Samantha. ""I Love to Love You Baby": Beyoncé, Disco Aesthetics, and Black Feminist Politics." Theory & Event 23:3 (2020): 512-534.

Protic, Nemanja. "Should We Punch Nazis? Or, Grotesque Ethics & Ethical Grotesques: Brutalised Bodies, Evental Sites, and Quentin Tarantino's Inglorious Basterds." Cultural Critique 107 (2020): 99-121.

Rennebohm, Kate. “The “Cinema Remarks”: Wittgenstein on Moving-Image Media and the Ethics of Re-viewing.” October 171 (Winter 2020): 47–76.

Scott, Paul. “From Contagion to Cogitation: The Evolving Television Zombie.” Science Fiction Studies 47:1 (2020): 93–110.

Shapiro, Michael J. "The Politics of Zealotry: Pier Paolo Pasolini's "St. Paul"." Theory & Event 23:3 (2020): 535-572.

Shechtman, Anna. “The Medium Concept.” Representations 150 (May 2020): 61–90.

Special Dossier. “Harun Farocki’s Early Writing.” Grey Room 79 (Spring 2020) 78-118.

Special Issue. “Cybernetics and the Human Sciences.” History of the Human Sciences 33:1 (February 2020).

Special Issue. “Virtual Reality: Immersion and Empathy.” Journal of Visual Culture 19:1 (April 2020).

Special Issue. “Film and Media Festivals in Academia.” Journal of Film & Video 72:1-2 (Spring/Summer 2020).

Special Issue. “Inhuman Screens.” Journal of Asia-Pacific Pop Culture 5:1 (2020).

Special Issue. “Legacies of Blade Runner.” Science Fiction Film and Television 13:1 (Spring 2020).

Special Issue. “Screening the Indigenous Experience in Contemporary Latin American Cinema.” Diálogo 23:1 (Spring 2020).

Special Issue. “Bernard Shaw and New Media.” SHAW: The Journal of Bernard Shaw Studies 40:1 (2020).

Special Issue. “Trans Pornography.” TSQ 7:2 (May 2020).

Special Issue. “Media and the Environment.” Feminist Media Studies 6:2 (April 2020.

Special Section. “Alexander Kluge: New Perspectives on Creative Arts and Critical Practice.” New German Critique 47:1 (February 2020.

Telotte, J.P. “Pondering the ‘Pulp Paradox’: Pal, Paramount, and the SF Pulps.” Science Fiction Studies 47:1 (2020): 31–46.

Tooming, Uku. "The Puzzle of Good Bad Movies." The Journal of Aesthetic Education 54:3 (2020): 31-46.

Turman, Karen. "Banana Skirts and Cherry Moons: Utopic French Myths in Prince's Under the Cherry Moon." Spectrum: A Journal on Black Men 7:2 (2020): 27-61.

Wall-Romana, Christophe. ""Cinematic Blossoming": Duchamp, Chess, and Infraqueer Mating." Modernism/modernity 27:2 (2020): 323-338.

Walters, Jared V. “’So You Want to Be an Ultimate Fighter?’: The Commodification of Masculinity in the Inaugural Season of The Ultimate Fighter."Journal of Sports Media 15:1 (2020): 51-73.

Warner, Marina. "Unknowability and Pleasure: The Case of the Vanishing Referent." Social Research: An International Quarterly 87:1 (2020): 29-50.

Watson, Keri. "“With a Smile and a Song”: Representations of People with Dwarfism in 1930s Cinema." Journal of Literary & Cultural Disability Studies 14:2 (2020): 137-153.

Seth Barry Watter. “Interaction Chronograph: The Administration of Equilibrium.” Grey Room 79 (Spring 2020): 40-77.

Westrup, Laurel and Paul N. Reinsch. "The Prince of Gotham: Prince's Multifaceted Batman Project." Spectrum: A Journal on Black Men 7:2 (2020): 111-132.

Williams-Wynn, Christopher. "Subject to a Vital Machine: The Political Ambivalence of Avant-garde Aesthetics." Modernism/modernity 27: 1 (2020): 51-79.

Woodard, Helena. “Migration Themes and Transnational Identities in Mohammed Ben-Abdallah's The Slaves, Haile Gerima's Sankofa, and Rachid Bouchareb's Little Senegal.” CLA Journal 63:1 (2020): 86–102.

Zahrádka, Pavel. “Research on the normativity of aesthetic judgements in film criticism.” Journal of Aesthetics & Culture Volume 12:1 (2020), 1-9.

Zemanek, Adina. "National History and Generational Memory: Taiwanese Comic Books as Lieux de Mémoire." positions: asia critique 28:2 (2020): 389-420.

Zielinski, Siegfried. "Means and Seas." Nka: Journal of Contemporary African Art 46 (2020): 40-54.

Slavoj Žižek. “The Apocalypse of a Wired Brain.” Critical Inquiry 46:4 (Summer 2020), 745-763.

Zlabinger, Tom. "The Evolution of Love in Prince's Films and Their Concurrent Albums." Spectrum: A Journal on Black Men 7:2 (2020): 133-152.

AVPN: Audio-Visual Professional Notes
Film & Media Scholars on Podcasts, Blogs, and Video Essays
(compiled by Paul Flaig, University of St. Andrews)

Bordwell, David. “Brains, bodies, and movies: Ways of thinking about the psychology of cinema.” Observations on Film Art (April 19, 2020):

Borenstein, Hannah. “Collective Memory and Intergenerational Trauma in Finding Sally.” Blog Los Angeles Review of Books (May 17, 2020):

Cherney, Joel. “Greg Garrett, A Long, Long Way: Hollywood’s Unfinished Journey from Racism to Reconciliation.” New Books in Film Podcast (June 2020):

Gibbs, John. “Chanchadas and Intermediality.” (June 2020):

Goren, Lilly J. “Joshua Foa Dienstag, Cinema Pessimism: A Political Theory of Representation and Reciprocity.” New Books in Film Podcast (March 2020):

Grant, Catherine. “Satis House.” (July 2020):

Hu, Brian and Rich, B. Ruby. “Webinar: Asian American Film @ 50.” Film Quarterly Online (May 27, 2020):

Hu, Brian and Rich, B. Ruby. “Webinar: Asian American Film @ 50 (Part 2).” Film Quarterly Online (June 8, 2020):

Kreutzer, Evelyn. “Paris Bagdad: Fantasies of America(na) in German-American Cinema.” (July 2020):

Labuza, Peter. “Episode #123 – James Leo Cahill (Pom Poko).” The Cinephiliacs Podcast (October 2019):

Lavik, Erlend. “Setting the Scene: The Opening 164 Seconds of The Wire.” (June 22, 2020):

López, Cristina Álvarez and Martin, Adrian. “The Thinking Machine 39: Impending.” De Filmkrant (May 2020):

López, Cristina Álvarez and Martin, Adrian. “The Thinking Machine 38: Cries and Whispers.” De Filmkrant (April 2020):

Misek, Richard. “A Machine For Viewing - Episode 2 (by Richard Misek) - Live at Sundance 2020.” (June 2020):

Saunders, Jemma. “Stories that happen here.” (July 2020):

Schaffer, Bill. “Robert Pippin, Filmed Thought: Cinema as Reflective Form.” New Books on Film Podcast (June 2020):

Turvey, Malcolm. “Can the science of mirror neurons explain the power of camera movement?” Observations on Film Art (May 3, 2020):

Zecchi, Barbara. “Love in the Time of Coronavirus: A Pandemigraph” (May 10, 2020):

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